The way we bank has come a long way from the days of waiting in line every Friday after work to deposit a paycheck. As technology has evolved, so have our banking habits. ATMs made it possible to make deposits and withdrawals at the shopping mall, and telephone banking introduced transactions from anywhere.

More recently, the rise of internet technology and mobile apps is making it possible to get any kind of banking service without setting foot in a branch. You can even deposit a check or apply for a mortgage from your phone.

t’s no longer necessary to visit a branch for many banking transactions, yet in-person banking
isn’t going away. Instead, it’s becoming more important and more specialized—and, as a result,
the customer service experience a branch provides is increasingly vital to a bank’s success. In fact, during the next 10 years, banking will become much more human again—emphasizing personal relationships
and local connectedness, for which banks were once known….. Read more

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